Monday, 5 January 2009

Topless Ban for women only

Rev Fred Nile is out of touch with people. He would like to ban topless bathing for women. I thought that it was illegal to discriminate by a persons sex. Is he living in the 21st century or the 19th? He goes on to say that it is for a woman's protection as it increases breast cancer. Some people are saying that men should be banned as well if women are. Oh that is smart, lets just take a giant step back 200 years why don't we.

People no matter their sex should have equal freedom. People can make a choice on what food they eat. Whether it is healthy food or something bad like a quick take away. Junk food is the main cause for most of our modern illnesses. More people die of bad diet related illnesses than topless sun bathing. Why doesn't Fred Nile support a ban on bad food if he really cares about people and their health?

It is an obvious way for him to get some quick media attention as we haven't heard from him in a while. As it stands in most areas of Australia it is illegal for a woman to be without her top. She cannot legally be without her top in the same place that a man is allowed. This is the single largest colluded oppression of women in modern times. It is a shame that many women don't fully comprehend what this means. It means that on a legal point of view women are NOT equal to men.

Some say that a woman's breasts are an erogenous zone. Well so is a man's. So are the ears, neck, fingers, heck any part of the body can be erogenous if we choose it to be. That is the important part here. Choice! 

Many people think that this idea is to make women go topless. No it is thetrue legal equality of woman that is at stake.

If the above woman was topless, she would have been arrested in no time. Why? Because she is a woman. A man in the same situation wouldn't have raised an eye brow.

This is a very important issue that needs to be resolved by giving women equal rights.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Censorship and the nude

You hear again and again about censorship and how it is applied to nude images with a sledgehammer. If art is censored and alternate views are squashed because the moral brigade does not like it then we head down the path of fascism and dictator ship. Every healthy society needs debate and opposing views for new ideas and new systems to be created that will ultimately improve and benefit society.

Notice that I did not say that that prudish people should be gagged (I'm sure they would love to gag anyone that does not agree with them), because i understand the importance of free speech, freedom of expression and freedom to explore new ideas, whether it is through debate or art.

The nude human form is still (after thousands of years or culture and society) and millions of years of evolution, is still such a contentious issue. I think the main reason is that the people who are against it or against its display have fallen victim to lack or education and the lack of freedom of speech and the right to view an alternate view. I think most have been conditioned like a pavlovian dog to respond in a negative way. Almost instinctively, without a real coherent reason why, other than the diatribe that has been programmed into their limited minds.

WAKE UP! You are nude right this very minute. Under your clothing your are as naked as the day you where born and shall remain that way for your entire life. Until you find peace with your won body, you cannot hope to find peace with another's.

My advice is take of all your clothes. Stand completely nude in front of a full length mirror and have a good look at your self. Do you see anything dirty, revolting, vile or repugnant? If you do the problem lies with your own view of your self. Until you learn to accept who you are and how you look do not judge others.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Positive Body Image

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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Nude Censors

I just recently read an article where people are censoring works of art such as paintings and sculptures. What a bunch of loons. One person was seen placing a black piece of paper on a painting because the painting had an image of a penis in it. What next, burning of books because they don't like what is written? Oh wait they already are trying to do that, by banning books too. Certain schools have banned Harry Potter books, and even an illustrated children's book.

In stead of sitting down and doing nothing we should voice our opposition to such stupidity. I have stated many times before that I am very tolerant of others views, religions, race, sex, sexual preference and sporting team a person supports, but I have absolutely no time and no tolerance for sheer stupidity.

Monday, 7 May 2007

Celebrity Nudity

Why are we so obsessed with seeing a celebrity nude? If for instance Britney Spears was not famous, would we be so interested in her nude body? What makes them so special?

Are celebrities more attractive perhaps? There are so many stunningly beautiful people out there, yet they don't get the same attention as a celebrity, so I would say no.

Or is it a bit of curiosity? This might be true as celebrities that have not bared all seem to get more of this type of attention than those that do regular nude scenes. If ths is true then might we as a society become a bit more mature about nudity, if it where a more common occurance?

Just a thought. :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Who would go nude?

I've been thinking about who would and who wouldn't go nude. It seems that a lot of people (especially young women) have the view that to pose nude is demeaning or yuck. What a load of shit! I just did a photo shoot with a woman who is 45 years old. A lot of young women can learn a lot from her.

All her work colleagues told her how brave she was and how they would like to have tried it when they where younger. You have no idea how many times I have heard from women over 30 who have told me that they really regret not posing nude when they where younger. A lot of young women say it is yucky or that they feel uncomfortable or that it is demeaning. What is demeaning? To celebrate your own youthful body? To be proud of who you are? How is that demeaning?

I think the problem stems from the perception that nude=porn or nude=sex.

More thoughts to follow …….

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Nude Bodies - Why are people afraid?

It is something that has puzzled me for a why now.

Why are people so afraid of the nude?

We are born that way. No matter how many clothes we put on we always have the same body underneath. We all know what the nude body looks like, but are afraid to look at it, talk about it, let alone touch it.